Jackson Hole Lacrosse Club Teams for Youth of Jackson, Wyoming.

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JAX LAX NEWS - Registration Still Open for U11, U15, High School and ALL Girls Teams; Flash Store Open; Sign up for Summer Camp


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Warm ups and Hoodies on Sale at JHLC Branded Flash Store

Order apparel with our boys and girls logos by April 15 and it will be here for our home tournament May 15. Adults and kids sizes available. 

Click Here for Boys apparel store 

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Rhino Lacrosse Camp

Rhino Lacrosse Camp will be held July 28-31 for 3rd-12th grade Boys only. Click here for more information or Email info@rhinolacrosse.com 


Spring Season

Boys Spring Season

April 13-May 30

Girls Spring Season

April 13-May 29, High School girls will play through June 12


**scroll down for fees and practice schedules **


April Tournaments

April 18 High School Boys in Idaho Falls 


9-10:30am IF v Jackson Varsity
10:30-12pm IF v Box Elder JV
12-1:30pm Jackson v Box Elder Varsity
1:30-3pm Jackson v Box Elder JV
3-4:30pm IF v Box Elder Varsity
4:30-5:30 IF v Jackson JV


April 24-26 - Boys U11/U13/U15 in Grand Junction, CO Tentative: HS Girls may be in Twin Falls

April 25 - Boys HS in Cody

1pm Jackson v. Billings
430pm Jackson v. Cody


May 2, 3 – Boys U9/U11/U13/U15, Girls 3-5 and Middle School Girls in Bozeman

May 8, 9 – High School Boys in Salt Lake City

9:30am Jackson v. Bingham JV

**For more May tournament info. and hotels go to the Jackson Hole Tournaments tabs**

Save the Dates

  • April 13 – Season begins
  • May 15-17 Mountain Roundup
  • May 31 JAX LAX JAM end of the season party



If you are buying equipment, please remember that the Cascade Model R and the Warrior Regulator lacrosse helmets were recalled. The blue and yellow helmet, made by CPV, is available at www.brineteamsports.com. Just click on Team Apparel Store and you will see our logo. 

Gear Exchange

Please feel free to use Facebook to sell/buy used gear. Take a picture and post it here. You can negotiate the terms through a private message if you prefer.


Scroll Down for Spring Registration Information, Practice Schedules and Fees


Yours for Lacrosse,

Charlie Ross

307 413 7449


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All teams have a capacity of 45 players. When a progrm is full, JHLC will review field and coach capabilities to determine if additional players can be accepted.


                      Team                                                                                   Price                                                                

Girls Elementary K-2nd Grade   $165
Girls Elementary 3rd-5th Grade   $165
Girls Middle School   $290
Girls High School   $340
Boys U9   $230
Boys U11   $230
Boys U13   $290
Boys U15   $290
Boys High School   $340

Fees include uniform, coaches, home and travel tournaments, winter indoor

(for select teams), field use and lining, balls, goals


Outdoor Season April 13th to May 30 Practice 3 days per week


· Girls High School and Middle School finish June 12th

· Preliminary Tournament schedule is below and subject to change.

· House league, also below, is a new Saturday schedule of inter-squad scrimmages and possible visiting team scrimmage when JH Lacrosse is not traveling.

Boys Teams- Practice Schedule      


High School- Grades 9-12 EAST Field 

4:30-6:30pm Monday + Tuesday + Thursday


U15- MIDDLE SCHOOL             5:30-7:30pm Tuesday + Thursday

U15- EAST Field                        6:00-8:00pm Wednesday


U13- Middle School Field        5:30-7:30pm Tuesday

U13- Jackson Elementary       5:30-7:30pm Wednesday

U13- North Field                      5:30-7:30pm Thursday

U11- Cow Pasture Field #1 (behind high school stadium)

4:00-5:30pm Tuesday + Wednesday + Thursday


U9- Cow Pasture Field #2 (behind high school stadium)

4:00-5:30pm Tuesday +Wednesday + Thursday


Girls Teams- Practice Schedule                                                  


High School (Grades 9-12) - Jackson Elementary School Field

5:00-7:00pm Monday + Tuesday + Thursday


Middle School (Grades 6-8)- Jackson Elementary School Field

Monday 5:30-7:00pm

Tuesday 5:00-6:30pm

Thursday 5:00-6:30pm


Elementary School Grades K-2 -  Jackson Elementary School Field 

4:15-5:30pm Monday + Tuesday + Thursday


Elementary School Grades 3-5 - Jackson Elementary School Field

4:15-5:30pm Monday + Tuesday + Thursday




*Teams and Schedule to be announced as we finalize travel*


Boys House League- Inter-squad scrimmages and possible scrimmages with visiting teams will be announced on Saturdays 

·   Middle School and Alpine Fields sometime between 12:30-5:00pm


Girls House League- Inter-squad scrimmages and possible scrimmages with visiting teams will be announced on Saturdays 

·   Jackson Elementary Field sometime between 12:30-5:00pm



*Teams and Schedule to be announced as we finalize travel*


April 18 - Boys HS in Idaho Falls

April 24-25 - Boys U11/U13/U15 in Grand Junction, CO Tentative: HS Girls may be in Twin Falls

April 25 - Boys HS in Cody

May 1-3 - Boys U9/U11/U13/U15 and Girls 3-5 and Middle School in Bozeman

May 9 - Boys House League, HS Boys in Salt Lake City, HS Girls may be in Boise

May 15-17 - Jackson Hole Mountain Roundup

May 23 - Memorial Day Weekend. No games scheduled at this time

May 30 - House League, Girls HS hosts Bozeman and Hellgate, MT, HS Boys may host Bozeman here

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Every player will need the following equipment-
HELMET - Team colors- blue with gold visor and gold strap- adjustable helmet 
STICK - Attack stick recommended (defensive players will eventually need a defense stick as they develop the skills in 8th or 9th grade)
Mouth guard
Cup and supporter
Field shoes

 • Players will not be allowed to play if they don’t have protective equipment. 
Equipment should be purchased prior to the start of the season and if we have 
a warm spring, we will try to have a couple of outdoor and indoor practices before Spring Break.


Brine Sporting Goods

Please go to BrineTeamSports.com, click on Team Apparel Store, and click on the Jackson Hole Lacrosse logo. You will be directed to a list of all of the major equipment items necessary (listed in all capitals above) and can place your order directly through them. The helmet shown is our team helmet in blue and gold.

Contact : Craig Conway

You may also order from any other supplier or sporting goods store. Team colors for the helmets are not required, but are strongly recommended and much-preferred by the players!


Girl’s Lacrosse stick
Girl’s lacrosse goggles
Mouth guard
Field Cleats


 To order go to: www.brineteamsports.com, click on "team apparel store", then click on GIRLS Jackson Hole Lacrosse logo.


The Jackson Hole Lacrosse Club is a registered non-profit 501(c) organiziation providing the youth of Jackson Hole the opportunity to learn and participate in the sport of Lacrosse, America's fastest growing sport.  The club operates completely on a volunteer basis and as such has no employees.  The club welcoms tax deductible donations online or by mail here.

Teams are open to boys and girls age 6 through high school.  Volunteers are dedicated to promoting the sport of lacrosse and to developing our player's skills, sportsmanship, teamwork and accountability in a healthy and fun environment.

Home practice and game fields are ajacent to the Jackson Hole Middle School, Jackson Hole High School and Davey Jackson Elementary School.  The main Spring season runs from April into early June, and the casual Fall season from Septemeber into November.


The Mission and Goals of Jackson Hole Lacrosse Club (“JHLC” or Jackson Hole Lacrosse”) are as follows:

To introduce and grow a community-based program that offers all youth in the Jackson Hole area, regardless of economic status, the opportunity to discover, embrace and participate in the sport of lacrosse, and to grow the sport while maintaining the highest ethical standards, providing quality coaching and instruction, and protecting and enhancing the well-being of participants in a safe and respectful environment.

The goals of Jackson Hole Lacrosse are several-fold:

• To share the passion of the lacrosse experience with a diverse player community
• To provide participating youth with quality coaching and instruction in a safe and respectful environment
• To grow the sport of lacrosse while promoting and maintaining the highest ethical standards
• To protect and enhance the physical well-being of local participants in the sport of lacrosse


The philosophy of the club is to develop players’ skills and understanding of the game, to provide for inclusion of all interested players, to allow flexibility for players and their families, to play safely, to be respectful of players, coaches, and referees, and to have a good time. 

Although the club wants to field a team that can travel and play in regional tournaments, we also want the kids to be able to participate in other sports or activities if they choose as it is good for cross training, skill development and personal development.

 The club would like players to come to practices as much as possible. If there is a regular or occasional conflict in scheduling, please let the coach know. An appropriate level of fitness training is required for skill development; drills, small scrimmages and conditioning are a part of each practice. The coaches teach and enforce the rules and safety precautions to minimize the risk of injuries.

Club Address:
Jackson Hole Lacrosse Club
PO Box 6707
Jackson, WY 83002

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Article in Jackson Hole News & Guide

?  The Jackson Hole paper covered the middle school team tournament, and Sunday's game with Bozeman with photos, in this week's paper.  Below is a link to a pdf of the article.
posted 05/16/2012
Home Tournament A Success

A great local spectator turnout takes in the exciting lacrosse atmosphere at the first ever middle school team home tournament.  The team fell to Idaho Falls in a tight 3-4 game, and split with an older Bozeman U15 team.  With the help of 9th graders Sunday against Bozeman, Jackson Hole won a barn-burner 7-6.
posted 05/13/2012
High School Team Faced Off Against Utah Teams

The high school team faced off against Alta 'A' and 'B' teams, and Bingham in Utah.
posted 05/12/2012
High School Team Splits in Idaho Falls

The High School team took on Idaho Falls and Pocatello at Idaho Falls.   They beat Idaho Falls 7-6 and fell to Preston 8-12.  

posted 05/06/2012
Middle School Team Takes On Bozeman and Billings U15 Teams

Middle School Team vs. Billings U15 at Bozeman, MT - May 5, 2012
The middle-school team stepped up to take on U15 (15 & under) teams from Bozeman & Billings this past Saturday, in a cold and windy Bozeman, Montana.  They were hard fought games and good learning experiences for our team, against the older players.  Our team did well and were 'in' both games up to the end, with final scores 1-4 vs. Billings and 2-6 vs. Bozeman.  Pictures from both games are in the Middle School Team area.
posted 05/06/2012
Boys Apparel Store Open

Click Here to order warm ups/shorts/hats with Boys logo

Girls Apparel Store Open

Click here to order warm ups/shirts/shorts with girls logo 

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Spring 2015 Age Grouping Quick Reference Table

Age Bracket

U15 – Born on or after 9/1/1999

U13 – Born on or after 9/1/2001

U11 – Born on or after 9/1/2003

U9 –Born Between 9/1/2005 - 9/15/2008

We do not have a Kindergarten program for boys yet.



All players must be 14 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. It is recommended that when multiple teams exist within a program, the program should consider physical size, skill, and maturity when organizing teams.


All players must be 12 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. It is recommended that when multiple teams exist within a program, the program should consider physical size, skill, and maturity when organizing teams.


All players must be 10 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. It is recommended that when multiple teams exist within a program, the program should consider physical size, skill, and maturity when organizing teams.


All players must be 8 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. It is recommended that when multiple teams exist within a program, teams should consider physical size, skill, and maturity.

NOTE: Age group references used in this section are in common usage but should not be understood literally. The U15 (read: "Under 15") grouping means that, if a player is 14 years old on the cutoff date, he may participate in U15 competition as a 15-year old.

Special Consideration

Although it is not recommended that any athlete play below his age group, US Lacrosse recognizes the need for special consideration due to the physical and/or cognitive development of an athlete. It would be up to the league to establish a waiver process through which it can review such cases. Ultimately it is up to the league and athlete’s parents to come to an agreement.



Story in the JH News and Guide

Cover Story in the JH Weekly

Article in the News and Guide

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